Complaints procedure

Complaints and legal actions

  • A passenger who believes that the Carrier has violated his/her rights or legitimate interests shall have the right to contact the Carrier in writing, stating his/her claims and the circumstances of the dispute. If the consumer intends to use the out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes before the State Consumer Rights Protection Service, he/she must apply in writing to the Carrier not later than three months from the date on which the consumer became aware or should have become aware of the violation of his/her rights or legitimate interests, and must specify his/her claim and the facts of the dispute.
  • In the complaint, the Passenger, if he/she is a natural person, shall indicate his/her name, surname, telephone number, contact address or e-mail address at which the Passenger wishes to receive a reply. If a complaint is submitted to the Carrier by a legal entity, such complaint shall state the name of the legal entity, the legal entity's code number, telephone number, e-mail address, registered office address or any other address at which the Passenger wishes to receive an answer. The Passenger must sign the Complaint submitted to the Carrier.
  • In addition to the above information, the Passenger must submit with the complaint any evidence to prove the validity of the circumstances set out in the Customer's complaint (e.g. a ticket, a ticket for an additional service, a document confirming that money has been paid for the service, or a copy of the aforementioned documents, or any other documents that the Customer may deem relevant for the specific dispute).
  • In addition to the Client, the Client's representative is also entitled to lodge a complaint, upon presentation of documents (power of attorney) justifying the Client's right to representation. The identity of the client's representative is established on the basis of the representative's identity document. The document confirming the representation must comply with the requirements for the form and content of such documents set out in the laws and regulations of the Republic of Lithuania.

A Passenger may submit a complaint to the Carrier in the following ways:

  • To be sent to the Carrier by email to;
  • Send to the Carrier's Passenger Information Centre at Geležinkelio g. 16, Vilnius; 
  • Fill in the Customer Referral Form Feedback on the Carrier's website or fill in the complaint form referred to above at all major railway stations and hand the completed form to the Carrier's ticket office employee, who will register the complaint and give the Customer a notification of receipt of the complaint. 

Customer also have the opportunity to obtain information and/or express their opinion about the services provided by the Carrier by calling  +370 700 55111 during working hours (7.00-21.00) or by sending an e-mail to

A complaint received shall be registered in the Carrier's system on the day of its receipt and the complaint and the accompanying documents, if any, shall be submitted to the persons responsible without delay, but no later than the next working day following the day of receipt of the complaint. The persons responsible shall take note of the content of the complaint and designate a member of staff to deal with it, indicating the time limit for dealing with the complaint.

Handling complaints and providing answers

  • The Carrier is obliged to deal with written complaints received from Customers that are written in Lithuanian, English or Russian in a neat and legible manner.
  • Customer complaints shall be dealt with within the shortest possible time, taking into account the complexity of the complaint, but no longer than one month from the date on which the complaint is lodged with the Carrier. In exceptional cases where the complaint cannot be dealt with within the specified time limit, the person responsible must notify the Customer, stating the circumstances and informing the Customer on which date, less than three months from the date on which the complaint was lodged with the Carrier, the complaint will be dealt with and the Customer will be provided with a reply.
  • The Customer Relationship Manager is responsible for organizing the handling of complaints.

When dealing with a written complaint, the employee in charge must:

  • assess the situation, examine the content and reasons for the complaint and, if necessary, clarify its substance; 
  • verify that all the documents necessary to reach a decision have been provided and, if necessary, ask the Customer to provide additional documents or data;
  • if necessary, ask the Carrier's employee whose action is complained about to provide clarification; 
  • use other employees of the Carrier for matters requiring specific expertise in a particular field. 

The Carrier has the right to refuse to deal with a complaint if: 

  • the complaint is not related to the activities of the Carrier;
  • a court, other dispute settlement body or the Carrier has already dealt with a dispute between the Customer and the Carrier on the same subject matter and on the same grounds and the Passenger does not provide new information; 
  • a court or other dispute resolution body is dealing with a dispute between the Customer and the Carrier concerning the same subject matter and on the same grounds; 
  • more than 1 year has elapsed between the date of the infringement referred to in the complaint and the date of submission of the complaint to the Carrier; 
  • the complaint is illegible or incomprehensible; 
  • the complaint does not contain the Customer's name, surname, legal entity name and code (if the Passenger is a legal entity), the address at which the reply may be submitted, and if the Customer's complaint is not signed. 


  • The Carrier, having received a complaint from the Customer and having established that the complaint is refused on one or more of the grounds for refusal referred to in Point 15.2.5 of the Rules, shall inform the Customer in writing of this fact not later than within 5 working days from the date of receipt of such complaint (in cases where an address for the submission of a reply is indicated). In the event of a refusal to deal with a complaint, the Client shall be informed of the reasons for the refusal.
  • The Passenger shall have the right to change the subject matter of his/her claim (claims against the Carrier) or the grounds (circumstances on which the Passenger bases his/her claim), to submit new facts or evidence, or to waive his/her claim, at any time prior to the adoption of a decision on the claim. In such cases, the time limit for examining the complaint shall start to run afresh. If the Passenger waives his/her claim, the Carrier shall discontinue the investigation of the Customer's complaint.
  • A written complaint shall in all cases be answered in writing, at the same address and/or by the same method as it was received, unless the Passenger specifies a different address and/or method at the time of filing the complaint by which he/she would prefer to receive the answer.
  • The Customer's complaint shall be answered in the language in which the complaint is made, without departing from the requirements of paragraph 15.2. Where appropriate, a complaint may be answered in a language other than the official language when, in accordance with international law, the complaint is submitted by a foreign public authority, other foreign entity or international organization. In the event of a refusal or partial satisfaction of the complaint, the documents supporting the complaint shall be returned to the Client.

Contacting the consumer rights protection authority

  • If the Passenger is a consumer and is not satisfied with the Carrier's reply or if the consumer's complaint has not been answered, the consumer shall have the right to apply to the State Consumer Rights Protection Authority for the protection of his/her rights or legitimate interests which have been violated or contested by submitting his/her application in written form or electronically not later than within one year from the moment of the application.
  • Complaints to the State Consumer Rights Protection Authority may be submitted to the State Consumer Rights Protection Authority at Vilniaus g. 25, 01402 Vilnius (or at the territorial units, the addresses of which are published on the website of the State Consumer Rights Protection Authority, by e-mail , by fax at (8 5) 279 1466, or by submitting the consumer's request electronically via the Consumer Rights Information System (CRIS).

Applying to court

  • In all cases (including cases where the dispute between the Customer and the Carrier cannot be resolved amicably), the Customers shall have the right to apply to a court of general jurisdiction in accordance with the procedures set out in the Code of Civil Procedure of the Republic of Lithuania for the enforcement of their violated rights. Actions for claims arising out of the contract of carriage may be brought within one year from the date on which the Passenger knew or ought to have known of the infringement of his / her rights.

Applying through an electronic consumer dispute resolution platform

  • You can also submit your request / complaint by filling in the request form on the ODR platform:
  • A consumer's recourse to a consumer dispute resolution body does not exclude the consumer's right to apply to a court of general jurisdiction.