Additional services

Bicycle transportation on trains

Our goal is to make traveling by train comfortable and meet all the expectations of our passengers. By taking care of the environment and supporting healthy lifestyles, we invite passengers to choose alternative vehicles for short trips.

For your convenience, we provide services of bicycle transportation by train, and therefore installed safe and modern bicycle stands in the major railway stations of various cities.


Please note that one passenger can carry only one bike. Additional terms and conditions apply for the carriage of bicycles. 

We invite you to get acquainted with them:

Please note that one passenger can transport only one bicycle. Furthermore, the transportation of bicycles shall be subject to additional conditions and fees.

Bicycle transportation rules:

1st Class wagons (seats) – transportation of bicycles is prohibited.

2nd Class wagons (seats) – a 45% fee on the price of a 2nd Class train ticket.

3rd Class wagons (seats) – a 45% fee on the price of a 3rd Class train ticket.