EVERYDAY in both directions

The long-awaited international route is reborn and will delight EVERYDAY in both directions!

Train connections between Vilnius–Warsaw–Krakow–Vilnius will be made by connecting trains at Mockava railway station (Lithuania).

Ticket purchasing

The number of train tickets for the Vilnius–Warsaw–Krakow–Vilnius route is limited. Therefore, we recommend that you buy your tickets in advance, and there are several ways to do this!

  • Purchase a general 2nd class ticket for the whole journey (from your departure station in Lithuania to your arrival station in Poland and vice versa) on
  • Purchase a general 2nd class ticket for the whole journey (from your departure station in Lithuania to your arrival station in Poland and vice versa) on


Check the timetable and choose when you want to travel!

Food on trains

Snacks, food, and drinks can be purchased throughout Lithuania. However, we recommend that you take care of them before you change trains at Mockava railway station (Lithuania), as the Polish partner PKP Intercity only sells food on these sections of the route:

  • Trakiškės–Warsaw.
  • Warsaw–Trakiškės.

Important information

  • The Vilnius–Warsaw–Krakow–Vilnius route includes a connection at Mockava train station (Lithuania).
  • Discounts and commercial concessions (except for children's) are not available on international journeys when buying a general train ticket for the whole journey.
  • Children under 13 years of age must be accompanied by an adult when travelling on an international route.

Price table

Tickets for Eurail / Interrail travel pass holders

Passengers travelling on this route must reserve a seat by notifying the Customer Information Centre in advance by email

  • Passengers are requested to reserve their seat at least 3 working days before the train departure time (if there are any seats left on the train).
  • The reservation fee for 1st and 2nd class is €5.
  • The seat will be reserved only upon payment of the reservation fee.
  • Necessary information for an advance invoice which has to be sent by email is passenger’s name, surname, travel date and time of train departure, Eurail/Interrail travel pass number.
  • The invoice must be paid within 1 working day by bank transfer.
  • Only after these steps have been completed, travel ticket will be sent by email.


  • Will there be food and refreshments on the Vilnius–Warsaw (Krakow) route? In Lithuania, yes. Meanwhile, on Polish territory, food will only be available on the Trakiškės–Warsaw–Trakiškės section.
  • How long will the journey take? The journey time for Vilnius–Warsaw is about 9 hours.
  • Will the route be adapted for disabled people? Currently, the route is not accessible for passengers with reduced mobility.
  • Will there be discounts for children? Yes. Children under 6 years of age travel free of charge when not occupying a separate seat on the train (up to 1 child travelling with 1 adult passenger). Children aged 6–12 years will receive a 50% discount. Children aged 12 and over will be charged full price.
  • Can bicycles and pets be transported? Of course. The fixed price for transporting a bicycle is €10 and €5 for a pet.
  • Do discounts and commercial concessions apply on this route? On an international route, if you buy a general ticket for the whole journey, the above-mentioned discounts (except for children) or concessions do not apply. Commercial concessions and discounts are applied to individual tickets sold by LTG Link for the section of the route between railway stations in Lithuania.
  • Is this a direct route? No. The route includes a connection at Mockava train station (Lithuania).
  • Is the travel free for Ukrainian citizens? No. Ukrainian citizens travel free of charge by train within Lithuania. Standard fares apply for the international route.

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