Short - term train hire

Short - term train hire

Trains have long been associated with romance, memorable life events, experiences and adventures. We invite you to reserve these adventures for a private space, we rent passenger trains for your celebrations and projects. Over the years, we have contributed to the realisation of various projects – from movies, advertising footage on trains, a thousand people travel to the company celebration to a wedding on the train! 

The train is the most capacious ground vehicle. If necessary, we can form a train with a capacity of up to 850+ passengers, which will run on your chosen route. The longest Lyduvenai bridge in the Baltics, a unique event space Smoke factory, or maybe Klaipeda State Seaport? Yes, we can take you there!

Contact us, share a vision, and our team will provide recommendations on route selection, stops, and contribute to the implementation.

For more information on short-term train hire, contact:

Andžejus Keso

Cell phone: +370 614 05373