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Pets transportation on trains

Go on a journey with your beloved pet! We would like that your journey by train would be a pleasant one!

Our recommendations

  • During the journey you assume responsibility for both yourself and your pet, so we ask you to make sure thatYour pet is healthy, clean and vaccinated.
  • Your pet has been socialized (or has passed the socialization test “Dog in the city” (if you wish to carry your pet without a muzzle)). If your pet does not have the tendency to communicate with other pets or people in a friendly manner, then please make sure to take care of the safety of surrounding people/fellow passengers and have your pet wear a muzzle.
  • The journey should be pleasant and comfortable for a pet, so we recommend to have a bedding (for the pet to be able to lie down) and other hygiene items (e.g., a towel in case of wet weather conditions).
  • During longer journey the pet should have a bowl filled with water.
  • Your pet does not occupy an individual seat that is intended for a passenger; and when walking the animal on a leash through the train make sure that the distance from you and your pet is no more than 1 meter in length.
  • During the journey the animal is not left unattended, does not interrupt anyone or create a menace for other people and animals.

We expect every passenger carrying a pet to observe hygiene and sanitary requirements and assume responsibility for a damage caused by his/her pet.

Pet travel ticket

We would like to remind you that the transportation of a pet (up to 8 kg) in a special case is free of charge. If you decide to carry your pet (up to 8 kg) not in the special container, the pet will be charged an amount equal to 50 % of a ticket price. Small animals are transported free of charge and must be carried in a special basket, cage or other bag that is adjusted for the carriage of pets.

A ticket price for pets which exceed 8 kg weight limit makes up 50 % of the full ticket price. 

Ticket prices for pets in Lithuania

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