Why is it important to be a business customer?

Why is it important to be a business customer?

Travel hassle-free! Convenient cost management, productive travel, and comfort – all this and more is achieved by being a business customer of UAB LTG Link:

1. Tax-free income. 

Expenses for transport tickets for a resident to access and leave the place of work are included in tax-free income.

2. Travel reports. 

Convenient and fast receipt of employee travel reports.

3. First Class benefits. 

Exclusive part of the wagon, more space, and free snacks for those traveling on Vilnius-Klaipeda route.

4. Mobile office. 

Electrical sockets at most tables.

5. Mobility for business trips of your company's employees. 

Traveling by train on a business trip provides extra time for solving work tasks or resting. Convenient communication with the main Lithuanian cities several times a day.

6. EUR 1000 credit for travel per month.

Travel now, pay next month.

7. Sustainable travel. 

It is the only vehicle which has continuously reduced emissions and energy consumption in 1990 - 2017, while increasing the use of renewable energy sources. And from 2018, all of our electric trains will run solely on electricity from renewable energy sources.

How to become a business customer?

When you become a business customer, we provide a standard credit of EUR 1,000, but, if necessary, we can also consider setting a higher credit limit. Customers who have concluded a credit ticket purchase and sale agreement can purchase tickets and use them by paying for them as early as the next month when the invoice is submitted (typical general terms and conditions of the ticket purchase and sale agreement).

Any questions? For more information please contact:

Valentina Antuchevič

Cell phone: +370 616 52136

Email: verslui@ltglink.lt

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