Additional services

A companion for a good journey – free of charge

It is time for sitting down comfortably and enjoying the journey! Connect to Wi-Fi free of charge and share the experience!

Connect by following these three simple steps

  • Open “Link WIFI” network. While on a train, choose the “Link WIFI” network from the list of Wi-Fi networks on your device.
  • The rules are required! When the Wi-Fi window pops up, please read the rules and mark that you have familiarized with them.
  • Connect and use. Upon familiarising with the rules, tap connect and use the internet!

What can you expect from the Wi-Fi connection that we offer?

  • We try to ensure the internet connection along the whole route, however, factors like the number of passengers using the internet, the geographic location of the train, the operator towers situated near the route may influence the speed of the internet connection. Additionally, the speed of the internet connection is influenced by the processes of your device (app updates in progress, backup creation, etc.).
  • Our Wi-Fi connection provides an opportunity to work (using email, etc.), browse websites, listen to music, watch videos on “Youtube” or “Netflix”.
  • We are constantly monitoring the quality of the connection and whenever there is an opportunity - we try to improve it.

What you shouldn’t expect?

  • This service is not intended for downloading large files, for example, movies. We recommend transferring large files before the journey.
  • During a journey, there are interferences independent of us. For example - connection holes, that is why we ask for your understanding, and if the connection becomes slow or in case of a disconnection – to reconnect.

The map of probable connection disruptions

What should you do if it stops working?

  • Firstly, if, while traveling by train, the connection is slow, please make sure that your device is not updating the operating system or any apps.
  • Secondly, if the connection becomes slow or is lost, we recommend you to reboot your device.
  • Also, if the internet connection provided by us does not work on your device, please try connecting on another device. If there is no connection on the other device as well, a train assistant will be happy to help you.